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We strive to produce the highest quality seed possible through exceptional management practices and attention to detail in the field.

Our Start

Precision Seed was founded in 1999 by two seedsmen who recognized a need for a specialized custom seed production company. They started producing seed in the few small fields they could rent, and slowly they built a reputation and infrastructure for producing high quality seed.

About Us

Precision Seed Today

      Today Precision Seed Production (PSP) farms about 3500 acres of irrigated land in the fertile Columbia Basin in Central Washington State. Demand of some hybrid seed crops is so high that PSP doesn't have enough acres to accommodate the requested production. In order to produce enough seed, PSP subcontracts some of its production to local farmers in the Columbia Basin and beyond. Our growers are assisted throughout the production cycle by PSP Production Agronomists, who assist in planting, field monitoring, spray timing, harvest timing, and all other aspects of hybrid seed production. To facilitate growers who don't normally grow specialized seed crops PSP has most of the specialized equipment required for production available to rent. This includes 2 row vacuum planters for split planting, male row destroyers, and specialized combine headers. Subcontracting production to growers allows PSP to spread out planting and harvest timing across the micro climates our growers are located in, as well as gain isolation distances required in producing multiple hybrid varieties. Our current production area stretches from as far north as Tonasket WA (20 miles south of the Canadian Border), east to Ritzville WA, south to Ione OR, and west to Ellensburg WA.